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A podcast between a father and sons that covers a range of fun and interesting topics as we take a look at the world . . . our world. . . of sports, music, animals, and technology. The show provides the humor and wisdom that only kids can provide. Hosted by 8 yr old twins and their Dad. Enjoy - Gareth, Trevor, & Simon -- Visit us at

Thursday, October 20, 2005

How to listen to our show?

How to listen to our show?

Our podcast show is actually just like a big music file in the mp3 format. This is a file format commonly used by computers and digital music players to play songs. You can listen to our show 3 different ways!

  • Stream – Listen while on the internet but not saving the mp3 file to your computer

  • Download – Download the file to be saved on your computer and/or transferred to your MP3 player or iPod

  • Subscribe – Request new shows automatically download to your computer whenever we publish one

  • There are a couple of places or tools that can help you listen to our show in any of the three methods you prefer.

  • Our website,, you can download select shows using the “click to download” link, or you can stream via the “click the Monkey Button” link on the left menu, or you can subscribe by clicking the iTunes link (see below). If you’re technically inclined you can also use the XML link - our feed is ''

  • iTunes is a music (& more) management and player application that runs on your computer. Through iTunes you can stream, download, or subscribe to Smelly Monkeys (and many other shows). You can subscribe to your favorite podcasts (including Smelly Monkeys) to have them downloaded to you automatically when a new show is published. If you have an iPod, the show can be loaded to your iPod when you sync. (Note: This same process works with other media players and MP3 players but iTunes seems to be the most integrated)

  • Podcast directories such as Podcast Pickle, Yahoo! Podcasts, Odeo, and Podcast Alley offer tools to find, manage, and listen to podcasts. Most of these are stream or download based but subscription management is also available at some sites. These sites are a great place to find new & interesting podcasts. When you visit these sites, please make sure you leave a comment or a review for our show so we can spread the news about the Smelly Monkeys podcast!

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